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dunno how it works, but can someone suggest this for Daily Deviation?

Neptune Mirror by KMCeci

She has less visitors and watches than me, how is that even possible? :icondoublefacepalmplz: Please go bumrush her with :heart:
anyone here experienced with using Paypal for online commissions? I'm planning to do some, but I'm a bit hesitant when it comes to handling money online... Any tip would help a ton!

as you might have noticed, my activity dA has been very limited recently. It was partly because of my work/school and partly because of my own brain. I felt a bit sad about my slow progress and had an impression that I'm falling behind all my friends~

Hence I hid most of my gallery and will keep it limited that way until I find enough confidence to be fully active on dA again.

Though this doesn't mean I will stop drawing. In fact I'd like to draw and practice more, to actually improve after being stuck at one point for so long.

That's why I decided to make a Facebook page, where I can post more frequently even if it's just sketches and doodles. If you'd like to follow me there, be free to do so. I'd be very grateful and try my best to not disappoint.

I will also use FB to announce stream sessions and other things for now, maybe adding Twitter later on for that. I will keep my dA gallery to post finished things that I'm confident to showcase~

Thank you for all the support and inspiration throughout the years. It means very much to me and keeps me chasing my dream to become a full fledged Illustrator one day :heart:
Hello peepz, some of you might know this awesome site called Tokyo Otaku Mode. It's basically a news site, original artists promoting eshop with Otaku related goods. It's also run by Japanese people, so it's superbly reliable. And they invite special creators like Redjuice and other Pixiv gods to promote their art and products branching from their own original doujins, artbooks, figures, mugs and even alpaca plushies lol.

I'm aiming to become a creator too when i get good enough :la:

There's a special offer atm for new users, when they register. If you use my invite link (referral) to make an account, you'll get 10$-15$ discount code for your purchases. To be exact, i'm not farming referrals for my own benefit, since i don't get anything until you actually purchase something. You can just create an account and acquire the 10$-15$ sale for future use. It's a limited offer after all. Be free to check out their shop and news feed. There's tons of original stuff, some of which are only available in Japan~ (And you don't have to pay insane prices for Comiket doujins like on some other sites >_>). And here's my referral link:

Let me know if you find anything lovely in the shop!
:iconreverse-studio: :iconreverse-studio: :iconreverse-studio:

re:VERSE is running a new contest, have a chance to be featured in the upcoming artbook! Be sure to check it out and enter, or simply help promoting the great contest and project~
So i saw this on the front page

Draw Yourself Meme -PART 1- by Dyemelikeasunset

so i thought... screw homework i want to draw after a month LMAO

So yeah, but since my Tumblr is dead. I'll do it here~

Draw Yourself Series
put a series (game, anime, show) in c comment below, and i'll try to draw myself as if i were a chracter in that world.

note. it won't come that fast since my style versatility sucks monkey balls... pleas eabre with me, but i though it would be a great practice :iconrlytearplz:
I dont know about others, but i'm having trouble when i try to soft shade or even paint (while coloring). I assume it's because when i started CGing i started with Cel shading, and just got kinda stuck with it. I got used to shading certain spots and picking shade colors. So i could slowly work towards to completion of pictures.

But now when i try to play more with blending and soft shading rather than "filling the spots"i always get stuck. It's like i don't know what to do, wehre to stroke, where to blend, what colors to pick, when to stop, ... The final pic never looks "right" in my eyes and seems just like a big mess. So what i always do is that i end up fixing everything just for it to look like Cel shading all over again...

I always wanted to learn how to paint, or at least color witha more painty ish style, because i personally think the technique holds more potential to play around and variety of themes. Celshady look will always rebound to anime, cartoons, comics. That's not a bad thing, but i'd like to aim for a more serious approach ˆˆ I'm known for drawing mostly cute stuff, but i've always looked up to concept artists like Redjuice or Elzheng.

So i don't really know what to do. I've been looking through tutorials, but didn't learn much. Mostly because the tutorial creators have experience with traditional media, so they have the natural ability to paint digitally too, they know what they're doing. But for me, who has no idea what to do with watercolors or markers, it's tad difficult!

I guess i'll just keep trying til my brain will accept the painty look and won't make me redraw my messy paintings otl

Any tips or opinions on this?
Check out this project nao!!


Learning how to lineart while listening to GotG music~

Join and chat!

It's also an AMA session, so be free to ASK ME ANYTHING related to art, gaming, anything. I'll do my best to answer in chat (not sure if you have to register to write in chat, but it's free anyway, so don't hesitate!

Please give me feedback about the stream, like sucky quality, or loud music, or anything, i'll try to fix it for next sessions!
Thank you for coming ^^