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STARGAZER by hyunit
Gaze upon the stars...

... and never go back.

I'm very sorry for being inactive. Struggling to keep up with work and life in general. I haven't had a chance to draw anything personal in a while so this meant a lot to me. I can't even say if it's supposed to be sad or happy, I guess that's the point.

Hopefully I'll sort stuff out and find more time to reach the stars instead of just gazing ^_^
Nishimura Yayoi by hyunit
Nishimura Yayoi
Long time no see. I've been working on mostly rl commish which I can't show yet and not much time was left for personal drawing, sorry.

I guess I can show this one now, though. It's a mascot design for a certain Anime Figure Photography community called FIGUBO. They will be launching their website soon enough, so stay tuned and I'll post a link when they do. It seems amazing so far.

The story behind the character... I was given  freedom to come up with a memorable and charismatic mascot girl. Naturally I was inspired by mascots like Mirai of Danny Choo or Pepper of Artgerm. The rest is pretty much what I like and love to draw: fuuwa hair, vanilla choco colors, school uniform, artistic geekiness etc.

My point was mixing traditional and pop JP themes with a hint of Western culture in there. Since the community isn't JP based, but actually has members from all over the world.

I gave her the name Nishimura Yayoi. Nishimura meaning "western village", with owners being perverted western gaijins and all //shot. And Yayoi because I love the name. Also because I can't wait for people to misread/mishear it as Yaoi and saying "I love Yaoi" in public...


Hope ya guys like it!

Learning how to lineart while listening to GotG music~

Join and chat!

It's also an AMA session, so be free to ASK ME ANYTHING related to art, gaming, anything. I'll do my best to answer in chat (not sure if you have to register to write in chat, but it's free anyway, so don't hesitate!

Please give me feedback about the stream, like sucky quality, or loud music, or anything, i'll try to fix it for next sessions!
Thank you for coming ^^

  • Mood: Wow!
Fetish I by hyunit
Fetish I
"Suffocating in your dreams. Drowning in your thoughts. Toxic mind."

I've been feeling a bit down lately cos of various life stuff. Have you ever had that feeling that you need to break the chains and just run away? But what if you can't? What if you don't have the strength to do it? Then you just stay behind, hoping you won't suffocate and pass out.

I'm don't really like getting emo and stuff, but couldn't help it this time. Well at least I tried to make use of it turn it into something "useful". Here's the first piece of my FETISH collection. It's one way to vent the stress~
Kimchi n' LooLoo new skins? by hyunit
Kimchi n' LooLoo new skins?
My fav champs from LoL! Well kinda, cos I can't play Ahri to save my life :<

Took me a while to draw something from League, even though I play it quite a lot. I had this idea of having these simple "skins". Megane are always good :La:

Other than that, I'll be trying my luck with these 2 in a local contest!

Art by me
Ahri and Lulu belongs to Riot

PS And yeah I call them Kimchi and LooLoo :<

dunno how it works, but can someone suggest this for Daily Deviation?

Neptune Mirror by xunini

She has less visitors and watches than me, how is that even possible? :icondoublefacepalmplz: Please go bumrush her with :heart:
anyone here experienced with using Paypal for online commissions? I'm planning to do some, but I'm a bit hesitant when it comes to handling money online... Any tip would help a ton!

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A semi-hiatus on dA until i improve and feel confident enough to come back. Until then, be free to follow me on my Facebook Fan Page, where you can find doodles, sketches, stream announcements and various other poop i frequently update~

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Sorry for a really late reply x_x It's a great honor, thank you!
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